Travel to Morocco and Go Trekking in the Atlas Mountains

The Toubkal region of the High Atlas has all of the highest peaks of Morocco and Mount Toubkal, at 4,167 metres, will be the top of all of them. Over 3 times you will go trekking in the Atlas Mountains and go camping while enjoying authentic community meals!

For climbers, Toubkal is essentially the most often visited peak in the High Atlas. The ideas from the summit of Toubkal present a fantastic chance to find out a lot of high peaks of the High Atlas. Placed in the western portion of the High Atlas, the Toubkal early rock considerable overlooks the Haouz Plain on the north and also the mountains Siroua and also the Anti Atlas on the south.

Amazingly, the kick off point for the Atlas trekking tours is just 1.5 hours by road that is great from Marrakesh. The Toubkal summit may be tackled (up and also down) in only 2 times for fit mountain hikers that are accustomed to such terrain.

Along with experiencing the challenge of the benefits and also the trek acquired on attaining the Toubkal summit, being amongst the Berbers, the individuals of the mountains, is an excellent extra. Berber way of life and heritage enjoy a rich tradition of hospitality, friendliness and generosity to others. Meeting individuals that are such and enjoying interaction is extremely heartening and warming.

Day one: Begin Trekking in the Atlas Mountains!
Nowadays, you will trek from Imlil village (at 1,740 metres) to Toubkal Refuge (at 3,200 metres). The trek is going to take around 6 hours trek. To attain the place to start, you will go from Marrakesh to Imlil by executive minibus, a 4×4 vehicle or maybe a taxi. On arrival in Imlil, the trek of yours starts. The mountain guide of yours and also mule is going to be along with you for the trek’s duration. The trek to the Toukbal Refuge nowadays is on mule paths as well as the heading is simple for probably the most part.

Day two: Ascent on the Toubkal Summit at 4,167 Metres!
Nowadays, you will trek from the Toubkal Refuge (at 3,200 metres) on the Toubkal summit (at 4,167 metres) as well as back once again. A beginning departure is required after breakfast. The trek out of the refuge to the summit is on an obvious path as well as the heading is moderate to high for probably the most part. At the summit, you are going to relax and relish great 360 degree panoramic views of the High Atlas, the peaks of the Anti Atlas and also the Haouz Plains. You will then go back to the refuge for rest, an overnight stay as well as healing.

Day three: To Imlil Village & Transfer to Marrakesh Today may be the last day of trekking in the Atlas Mountains. After breakfast (a later 1 than yesterday), the trek of yours continues downwards past the Sidi Chamharouch shrine and to Imlil Village. You will have a while to unwind before the transfer of yours arrives to help you move back to Marrakesh.