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Advantages of getting a vinyl wrap on your car

The most important thing when it comes to customizing a vehicle is its paint. Poorly painted cars can degrade a well-built car. It can be expensive to have a good paint job done. Vinyl wraps can be a cheaper alternative. Vinyl wrapping offers several benefits over painting your vehicle.

Vinyl Wrapping: What is it?

A vehicle vinyl wrap can be used to protect the paint on your car as well as provide customization options. Vinyl is a thin layer that is applied on top of the paint of your vehicle. Consider it a giant decal. You have probably seen vehicles with vinyl wraps of some kind, even if it was not obvious. Many new cars come with clear protective films applied to the front bumpers and leading edges of the hood. The film acts as a shield against debris and rocks that are regularly thrown at the front. It protects the paint underneath the car from the damage and keeps it looking better for longer.

Vinyl wrap is a vinyl wrap that applies the same concept to all vehicles. Instead of wrapping only the front, you wrap the entire vehicle. Clear protective film is not all that you can use. You have virtually unlimited options when you come to exterior design for your car. There are many companies that offer a wide variety of colored vinyl.

Why choose Vehicle Wrap?

There are many good reasons to get vinyl wrap for your car. Let’s examine some of the benefits.

Low Cost

Vinyl wraps are very affordable. A vehicle wrap complete will cost half of what a quality paint job would.

Minimal downtime

Painting a car takes a lot of work. The entire process of painting a car is time-consuming. Refinishing your car can take many days, or even weeks depending on how complicated the job is. Vinyl provides a quicker turnaround. It is essential to make sure that the car is clean before applying vinyl. It can take only a day to install the wrap.

There are many options

Vinyl wraps come in a greater variety of colors and finishes that paint. Vinyl can be used to match any color you choose for a vehicle. Many companies offer color changing wraps that can be changed according to the angle of the sunlight. There are many different finishes that can be applied to each color, including gloss, semigloss or matte. Vinyl can even be used as a mimic for other materials like carbon fibre, chrome, stainless, steel, and leather.

It’s easily removable

Vinyl can be easily removed so that you can go back to the original or a new color. This allows for you to modify the look of your car frequently.

Protect your Paint

Your original paint will be protected by vinyl wrapping. You can remove vinyl from your car when it is time to sell it.

Digital Design

Vinyl wraps can also be printed digitally. This allows for a distinctive appearance for your vehicle. It is possible to print many designs on vinyl. You can search Google or Instagram for amazing examples. From cars looking like war planes, to new supercars wrapped in the patina from decades of California sun exposure, you will find many examples. Digital designs can be used to advertise your car at a very affordable price.

Are There Cons to This?

Vinyl is very durable and has few drawbacks. Vinyl can have some negative aspects, but they are not as common as other customizations.

You get what is paid for

Vinyl isn’t all created equally. You get what is paid for. Avery, 3M and others offer vinyl products that are high-quality and won’t harm your paint. They also have great looks and last a long time. While they might appear the same, some brands are less durable and may fade or discolor. Worst yet, poor-quality vinyl can cause damage and permanent discoloration to your paint. Choose high-quality vinyl.

Did We Mention: You get what you pay.

As professional painting a car requires, professional vinyl wrapping also requires professional. Your vehicle can be damaged if the installer is not professional. The vinyl must be cut after it is applied. Pros can do this without damaging your original paint. An amateur can leave cut marks or scratches in your car’s finish. A wrap’s quality will be evident by how it looks around the edges. Untrained hands will leave rough edges along panels and curves. A poor installation can make a car look shabby from far away. It is important to ensure that your vinyl installer is properly trained and certified.

As good or better than paint?

A high-quality paint job can offer more depth and character than vinyl wrap. Premium vinyl can be applied to wraps that match the look of any of the top-quality paint jobs, but at a fraction the cost.