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Nukeproof Bikes: Why is their stuff so good?

A couple of years ago, the wife of mine, Carolyn, purchased a Nukeproof Mega 275 AM. This motorcycle has lasted very well, considering it’s had several hard riding through the years. We’re grounded around Morzine, in the French Alps, therefore we’ve the entire Portes Du Soleil at the disposal of ours; thus, the motorcycle of her did several major miles. It’s definitely needed parts replaced through the years, but it’s lived up to the Nukeproof name of its. In reality, I’m very pleased with it, I purchased the 2019 Nukeproof Mega 275 AL Pro, as well as today Carolyn has purchased a 2018 Nukeproof Mega 275 Factory.

This led me into a bit of investigation into the manufacturer. Does the Nukeproof develop quality continue through all of the products of theirs? Did Carolyn get blessed with the order of her? Does she drive hard enough? Or perhaps in case she secretly rebuilding it in each and every night without me understanding?


For starters, I am going to give you just a little history lesson:

Wherever it started

Nukeproof were created in 1990 in Michigan, with the target to create reliable and cool products because of the emerging mountain bike industry. They had been among the first mountain bike companies to utilize Carbon and Titanium fibre in the goods of theirs, like frames, hubs and handlebars.

During the early 2000s, in addition to a lot of additional mountain bike businesses, Nukeproof had been struggling in a declining market, though assistance was at hand. Micheal Cowan, a downhill racer began purchasing the industry marks in 2004, to take the emblem to life. Also, he constructed a development group along with a team of seasoned riders.

This staff transferred to Belfast, Ireland and then begun to develop Titanium springs and also carbon handlebars, prior to going in to creating mountain bike frames.


Nukeproof frames were developed to racing, with slack and long geometry ideal for riders to undertake the Mega Avalanche found Alp D’Huez in the French Alps.

In 2010, Nukeproof built their very first downhill bicycle, the Scalp. This was the motorcycle that Sam Hill gain 3 DH world championships on.

The Nukeproof race group help create and test bikes and items new before they’re made readily available for the general public. Which possibly explains why the bikes of theirs are very good.

Nukeproof Blackline Clothing Range

It is not only bikes that Nukeproof can make well. In 2018, they introduced the Blackline clothing range of theirs. Their clothing is towards the bigger end of what’s in the marketplace. The outstanding point about the materials Nukeproof usage in the Blackline is it’s produced from recycled coffee. This does not imply that you are going to smell as the bin at Starbucks; actually, it’ll normally help lower your smells. The fabrics have natural moisture wicking and odour protected qualities and dry looking 200 % quicker compared to cotton.
Several mountain bike clothing is usually a little bold and shouty, however the Nukeproof Blackline has cool and subtle designs.


Nukeproof Blackline jerseys are particularly created for the trail. They’ve a loose, but not baggy cut, providing the driver unrestricted movement. The rear of the jerseys hangs slightly lower to ensure you’re covered up. They do a fantastic job of always keeping you cool also. This’s because the rear panel is completely made from a stretchy mesh information, as would be the armpits. These jerseys additionally protect you from the sunshine, which is news that is good in case you’re as pasty as me.
The Nukeproof Blackline jerseys enjoy a little pocket on the side which is perfect for snacks, phone or even lift pass. Additionally, it has a hole for the earphones of yours, in case you like riding with choons!

The Nukeproof Blackline jerseys look good and are excellent value for cash. They’re really comfortable and made lasting.

Nukeproof Hardtail Bikes

The Nukeproof Scout is a superb hardtail bike which is designed to be really versatile. It’s exactly about getting as much enjoyment as you can on singletrack. You will find 2 various designs the 275 (27.5′ wheel) and the 290 (29′ wheel).

These bicycles are long and low, with a slack head perspective.

Note: The top angle impacts the perspective of the front forks of yours. This decides how the bike of yours turns and performs.

High head angle: This will make your bicycle experience nimble, but twitchy at high speeds.

Slack head angle: This will make the bike of yours even more steady at speed, but helps make turning feel somewhat sluggish at lower speeds.
Reduced bikes:

Measured from the bottom part bracket, minimal bicycles have a reduced centre of corner and gravity better. Nevertheless, too low and also you are going to catch the pedals of yours on roots and rocks.

Thus, this bike is great fun and best when you’re nailing it. The Nukeproof Scout is going to allow you to push a little harder compared to conventional hardtail bikes. It’s high-quality components and is made as a tank. Regardless of the slack head angle, transforming this particular bike continues to be enjoyable and it is surprisingly responsive. The 140mm traveling on the Rockshox Revelation forks soaks up nearly all of what trail centres are able to throw at it. Which brings me onto the specification for the cash! It’s in the bigger cost bracket for a hardtail; however, it’s a great purchase with Shimano, Rockshox, and the excellent in house produced components. It actually comes with superb tyres, the Maxxis Minions DHF, that are super and tough grippy downhill tyres.

When purchasing Nukeproof Bikes you have to determine between the 27.5′ and also the 29′ wheel sizes, the Comp, Sport and also the Race versions.

A variety of aggressive, fun bikes which are no nonsense, exceptional value for cash and extremely capable.