What is a Rust Preventative Spray?

Clean the hands of yours (both figuratively and literally) of dangerous solvents and disorganized oil based rust preventatives with ARMOR Dry Coat Rust Preventative. Coat that is dry is water based and designed for wearing on ferrous metals. It’s your clean, easy and safe method to point out bye bye to the dirty as well as cumbersome rust prevention techniques of days gone by. When we mention Coat that is dry offers Invisible Corrosion Prevention, Results which are Visible that we mean it. When used to the surface area of metallic, Dry Coat dries-to-touch within minutes (in background conditions) leaving a definite, protective covering which repels water along with other rust causing substances. Coat that is dry is tacky or sticky not; it doesn’t draw in dust or dirt; it’s simple to remove if needed which protects metal parts stored inside for as much as one year. With Coat that is dry, rust avoidance is no muss, without fuss!

DRY COAT BENEFITS TAKING THE Training OF YOUR WORKDAY? CONTINUOUS PROTECTION: perfect for interior storage for as much as one year? SAFE: rust prevention totally free of oils, other harsh chemicals and solvents? Fresh APPLICATION: use via dip, spray or maybe flow coat? CLEAR PROTECTIVE COATING: dries rapidly — is tacky or sticky not? EASY REMOVAL: use gentle detergent/metal cleaning solution to eliminate? Revolutionary TECHNOLOGY: unique, water based formula dries to touch

Double Duty Rust Prevention

Coat that is dry protects metal components from rust in 2 ways. When Dry Coat is put on, it adheres to the surface area of metal making a micro thin protective covering which functions like a bodily barrier. Additionally, Coat that is dry has ARMOR’s proprietary VCI Nanotechnology (a.k.a., the secret recipe of ours for vapor oxidation inhibitor). When Dry Coat covered metal parts are kept inside a bag, box, shipping contain-er or storage bin, the VCIs activate to develop a next, rust-pre-venting shield to increase up shelter for metalparts.Dry Coat could be used via dip, spray or perhaps ow coat and it dries to a clear, tack free nish that’s almost undetectable. Dry Coat doesn’t interfere with advanced processing like stamping, cutting, grinding, welding or maybe burnishing. corrosion prevention