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Why Have A Regular Bicycle Service?

Bicycles represent a sophisticated piece of engineering. Bicycles are like any precision machine and benefit from regular maintenance.
Regular use of a bicycle can lead to deterioration in performance and other issues. The rider may not notice the gradual changes occurring over time. Even bicycles not used regularly can develop problems from sitting that may affect their overall performance as well as their owner’s enjoyment.

You can do most of the basic maintenance with only a few tools. However, for more advanced tasks you may need special tools and training. You don’t have to care for a bicycle of high quality if you don’t intend to use it.
Gears to Wheels – Power Input and output

The care of your bike’s drivetrain is more than just checking that the gears shift properly and that the tires are properly inflated. These are critical for proper operation but there are many other moving pieces that must be taken into consideration.

It takes special tools and expertise to make sure that all components work properly. It is easy to tell the difference in power output efficiency and function between a well-maintained drivetrain and one that has been neglected. A well-maintained drivetrain will run smoothly, deliver power to the ground quickly and quietly perform its task without you even thinking.

For optimal functioning, you must assess each bearing, gear, and pin between your pedals. This work is beyond the reach of the average homeowner mechanic. Regular bike service Edinburgh can mean the difference between a PB or a DNF. A well-maintained and properly functioning drivetrain will ensure that your input power is reflected in the bike’s output.
Tires and Wheels – Ride Quality and Traction

Everything changes slowly on your bike. It’s not just from riding but also age, which can cause rubber to lose its elasticity and grip and oil to start to melt. It can be difficult for riders to recognize this and they may ride components until they reach their peak.

Tires are a consumable component that must be replaced frequently. Basic maintenance is necessary to keep them in good condition and last a long time. You should inspect them before each ride to ensure they are properly inflated, have enough rubber, are free from cords and cracks. Nothing can be done to your bike to make it more responsive or comfortable than the correct tires for your riding style and conditions.

A properly trued wheel with greased drivers and bearings is one of the most important maintenance items you can do. It will increase performance while saving money on replacement parts.
Ergonomics: Ride position, handling, and stability

Regular bike service tune ups have many benefits. They go beyond ensuring that your bike works at its best. You can reflect on how you interact with your bicycle. It’s easier to spot areas where your bike isn’t working as well as it should. Performance is affected by where you touch it with your feet, hands and in the saddle. Regular maintenance offers you the opportunity to make improvements.

Make adjustments to your handlebars or pedals, cranks, cranks, saddle and other components. Changes to your handlebars, cranks or pedals should only be made if the rest are functioning well. This will ensure that changes are made for the benefit of your setup and not for problems in other systems or components.

Regular bike service tune ups aren’t a problem. You save time and money by having your components working at their best, which prolongs their life and helps prevent damage. Regular tune ups will ensure your safety and investment. There is no better way to preserve your valued possession.