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Why Visit London’s Oxford Street

One of the subjects I’m most often asked about, both on my blog, on all of my various social channels and on YouTube it’s about London Shopping. It’s obvious that I’m a shopper and, while the majority times I would prefer shopping online, there’s an underlying excitement that comes from shopping at the top stores we’re blessed to have in London. It’s a given that the most ideal spot to go to for a raucous shopping spree can be found on Oxford Street, it’s Europe’s largest shopping district with over an equidistant mile of stores . In today’s blog post, I’ll share my top tips for the famous shopping street!
What to do and how to get there!

The first thing to consider is how do you reach Oxford Street! There are four major tube stops along Oxford Street; Marble Arch, Bond Street, Oxford Circus as well as Tottenham Court Road. I would suggest taking a train to Oxford Circus because then you are right in the middle of the shopping district! The tube will take you to a busy intersection, and if you choose to turn either way you’ll find yourself all around you are Flagship shops.

When you get off the train and find yourself in the massive Topshop flagship stores. With three floors of fashionable and fashionable styles , regular DJ parties, and other events like Live Catwalks taking place in the stores, it’s definitely a place you should visit. One of my top spots to purchase cheap and fashionable furniture pieces is in the Home section of H&M located a bit away from Oxford Street toward Tottenham Court Road Marble coasters, copper crockery and more!

Additionally, along Oxford Street you’ll find plenty of department stores. My favorite is Selfridges which truly offers the most amazing shopping experience! Make sure you visit the massive Beauty Hall on the ground level and then work your way to the street-style fashion on the 3rd floor.

Where do you go for R&R

Let’s face it, shopping is tiring and, while I’m in love with the ‘Shop until you drop’ mindset I also like to ensure that I’m well-hydrated and well-nourished throughout my shopping excursion. You can take a short stroll of Oxford Street into the buzzing SoHo area to take some coffee at Cafe Nespresso. The cafe is located on 32 Broadwick Street, the cafe is the ideal spot to not just enjoy an espresso as well as food too. It all depends on what time of the time you stop by and you can take advantage of anything from a freshly-picked fruit platter, or a croissant for breakfast to an exquisite delicatessen platter of cured and cured meats or an energizing salad to eat lunch. I tend to visit the cafe in the afternoon, and, based on what I’m craving I’ll go for fresh baguettes (they have an extensive variety, but my favorite is the coronation chicken!) or maybe one of their amazing cakes. I would highly recommend the Pistachio Cake or homemade macaroons!

In addition to the delicious snacks, I often feel the need for the caffeine rush during my shopping, which is why I opt to have a break and enjoy at the Cafe Nespresso or grab one home, you’d expect, the coffee selection is large! Since I am a fan of making myself Nespresso espressos in my own kitchen, I typically look for something new whenever I go to the Cafe and, during my last visit, I sampled the After Eight Espresso and one of my favorites on warm summer days would be the Hazelnut Iced Macchiato. There are more than 25 original and unique coffee blends that are made right in front of your and the eyes of the coffee maestros! When you visit you can also buy additional Nespresso capsules for your home machine by using the Nespresso Cube which is an automated self-service robot machine that prepares customized capsules in just two minutes!

Don’t Forget The Following Streets…

When you’re feeling energized you’re ready to take a stroll around the streets that lie just off Oxford Street. After a visit to Cafe Nespresso, Cafe Nespresso you can weave your way through SoHo and then Carnaby Street and discover more boutiques that range across British lifestyle brands like Jack Wills, to the Fashion and fitness flagship that is the brand new Sweaty Betty flagship (there’s even a fitness studio located in the basement should you choose to burn off some of those calories from lunch!). The top of Carnaby Street is the iconic department store Liberty Don’t not forget to take that important picture in front of the stunning flower stand!

Regent Street is another unmissable shopping district, you can walk to it after you’ve visited Liberty (it’s just 30 minutes from the Liberty station!) You’ll also find more amazing stores, including flagship designer stores like the massive Burberry store and the minimum of two Zara stores, as well as a special Zara home store, as well as the best high-end shops like Karen Millen, Ted Baker, Reiss, J Crew and more. In the middle of Regent Street you’ll find Piccadilly Circus which is another must-see when you’re new to London!

It could sound overwhelming it’s not, and there’s numerous locations to explore and shops to discover, but it’s pretty simple to navigate your way around. And every store is close together on 2 or 3 streets (as contrast to shopping in New York for example where some of the best shops are located on street edges!) This means you won’t be missing out on any fantastic stores by sticking to the main streets.